Sea and the City

#balticdiscovery kreativsaison ostsee

There may be many reasons why German sea has been eclipsed and forgot by people, me included. Many competitors in the area, and the usual cliché of famous playas to spend crazy nights partying.
The sea might have been the connecter of all the experiences of #balticdiscovery week and the best example to describe the Mecklemburg area. The sea holds the  visions of the beauty, the history and the people of Mecklemburg, and for this , it is worth checking it out.
It has been said that “water is the fuel of life”, and the Hanseatic cities are one of this motto example. Our trip started in the city of Wismar, where its economy has been based on the commerce and import/export via the sea. The architecture and landscapes have been shaped by the sea, making the people build big buildings where to store goods coming from far away cities.
Water has been present as well in the tales of Neubukow guide, which explained how, the city was built and encircled by water.
Even though we faced the sea in Wismar, we had the occasion to get closer and touch the edge of the Baltic sea in Kühlungsborn, where the sea played most of the part of our stay. The breath-taking beach with its sandy shore and transparent water hid behind its peaceful look , history from the time of the war, when the sea constituted the dangerous but also, the only way to escape from the DDR state. It hides stories of accomplished and victorious trips for salvations, but also sad tales of Germans captured by the supervisors of the beach, and sent to prison.
The greatness of this five days trip revealed the last day in Rostock, when the sea met the big city, and was not only presented to us as only part of seaside.
Our five days trip has been accurately prepared and scheduled, but the unplanned and unplannable is always behind the corner, and some time it shows. It is here, in the harbor of Rostock, after a long trip discovering its historic parts and buildings of the city, that we encountered the kindness and sociable attitudes of Germans.
It took an Italian and Dane, to open up the row of the fishermen throwing their fishing  rod just a bit far away, to then catch one, two or , if even luckier, four fish at a time. The old men left us use their rods which we tried to handle with anyway some insecurity. And there it was, the magic, the connection between Germans who have probably seen hard times during the Second World War, and two girls coming from a 2.0 reality but still fascinated by simple things like fishing. Some small little sentences in English from the old guys that were also photographing us, when it was our job to picture and capture the images of those places. And the fish bucket was more and more filled with what we captured for and with them. I believe that those fish will taste better than any other they have ever captured.
And at the end of everything, our personal bucket of experiences was filled as well.



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