Shooting Star, Wax, and a Genius called Andreas Renner

After seeing playing the piano Andreas Renner´s daughter, Annabel, the #Balticdiscovery team moved to the workshop in the garden with Andreas. He brought us a bowl with a black hot wax. Andreas played with the wax to show us what kind of things we could make. It did not take too much time to the team to start to create objects using the tools that were surrounding us from the nature such as branches and leafs from the trees, stones, and flowers.

#Balticdiscovery working hard :)
#Balticdiscovery working hard :)

Emilie made wax rings; Daniela gave form to a hexagonal structure using branches and joined them with the wax; Burcin completed a mask. Once we finished our lovely creations, we move on to the next activity. Andreas gave to each of the members an A4 paper which included 6 frames. The idea of the activity was to draw the first thing that came to our minds and pass the paper to the next team member until we completed all the frames. We were using colored pencils and marker pens. It was very inspiring to see how each time that we passed to each other the paper; we had many ideas about what we wanted to draw.

#balticdiscovery kreativsaison ostsee
The Genius
Andreas Renner

The team was making art without noticing that we had spent four hours focusing on our creativity. Time went fast like we were frozen in a machine time, but it is what happens when you are having fun, time goes quick. Andreas invited us to help him to cook the traditional German dinner – Spätzle- a kind of Gnocci accompanied with a lovely sauce. The whole team finished their dishes with a smile in their faces, and I could not agree any more…Spätzle was yummy.

#balticdiscovery kreativsaison ostsee

Herrenhaus Büttelkow mansion is more than a guest house for Andreas and Antje. In his basement, he has his workshops where he creates his amazing sculptures, paintings, and artworks. I have not met in my whole life an artist like him; Andreas seems to have a gift for art in many ways because he is a master in many disciplines. I am sure Antje must be a fountain of inspiration for Andreas. I felled in love with one of his surrealist paintings that remind me Salvador Dalí.

Remarkable Painting I love it
Remarkable Painting
I love it

Andreas made a fire at the garden and brought us booze while we got comfortable and cozy. His wife, Antje stayed near him and the whole group felt like a big family. It was a clear night, where we could see the moon and the stars shining. I even saw that night a shooting star; it is something that I did not share with the rest because then my wish would not have come true. That night, we had even music as Andrea brought a speaker with a music player and we listened to songs from the 90s.

Before Daniela delighted us playing the guitar with her Italian accent, we shared our thoughts if we were offered wishes by the Genie of the lamp. Many of the members wished their family members back to life or health for their relatives. I wished with the gift of teleportation to stay close with those people who I love. 


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