Time bubbles, star-talks and E-bikes

Let’s take off where Andreas left us: at the bonfire on a starry night, by the Alte Büdnerei near Kühlungsborn, Mecklenburg.
Before sneaking off into bed, while closing up around the last heat from the fire, I came to know an ancient method of checking your sight. As you look up at the star sign of ‚the plough‘, you’ll see that by the third star in the ‚handle‘, there is a small almost invisible star, which only can be spotted by strong-sighted people. I couldn’t really see it, but pretended to, in order not to reveal my apparent ignorance to the small wonders of the nature.

I cannot remember the last time I had nothing better to do, than engage myself in a discussion of astronomical wonders, and by the time we went to sleep, I realized that, partly inspired by the day’s interesting historic walk through Neubukow, that this part of Germany offers a time bubble in which adventures are experienced in a different pace and with an appreciation of the small (and to some, invisible) things. I do, however really appreciate this new knowledge on the star sign, which will come in handy next time I find myself in an astronomical conversation.

Waking up at the Alte Büdnerei only enforced the feeling of having taken a step back in time. Horses were walking around close by, and the sun was heating up the surrounding fields of crops which lay as far as both the strong- and weak-sighted eye could see.
Our first stop of the day, a visit at the studio of the artist Anka Kröhnke, intensified my conception of the extraordinary time-bubble that surrounded this trip. She was the third generation owing and producing art to the Rösler-Kröhnke art studio. This lady, who grew up during the Second World War, had been inspired by her artistic mother, who, during the war had had a very limited access, if any, to materials. In lack of better solutions her mother had based her art on paper from candy that the American soldiers had left lying around. Anka Kröhnke had instead taken her linking to colorful cans – in German known by the wonderful name Getrinkedosen –  which she would cut into smaller pieces to create a psychedelic  piece of modern art. Despite the fact, that she was a silver haired woman with wrinkles around her smiling eyes, Anka Kröhnke had been able to maintain her young inspiration and artistic expression. This showed in her kitchen. She had chosen to paint her kitchen completely yellow, based on the observation that the sun would never properly reach the kitchen’s windows, and maybe the colour yellow would help invite the rays into the room, or at least create the illusion of it. I was amazed.

As we continued into the landscape of Mecklenburg, leaving this colorful person and her house behind us, we would no longer be transported by the world-wide acknowledged technology of cars. No. Instead our small group of 8 people was equipped with a corresponding number of….. E-bikes. As indicated by this choice of transportation, travels in Mecklenburg are not based on getting from A to B the fastest possible way, but instead to travel and experience at the same time – in spite of the fact that this might take a little longer. For the still un-ordained, I can tell you, that an E-bike is the most amazing tool for you to experience Mecklenburg. Your new best friend is the small black box on the left side of the steering bar. That is where the motor is, and that is where you’ll be able to control the level of help you wish to have to move forward. The modes went from 1 to 5 – 5 being the fastest and your new favorite mode.  So off we went into the sunny landscapes of Mecklenburg, like ducks in a row – 6 young travel journalists on their way to the next adventure…

//Emilie Lukman


Mode 5. The team couldn’t get their hands down from excitement over the E-bikes.


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