My #Balticdiscovery: A Love Affair With Just About Everything.

The spring. The sunshine. The incredible warm-heartedness of the Mecklenburg people. The fun & laughter we shared as part of an international travel journalist team. The incredible range of accommodation, cafes, cities & art studios we have experienced from Wismar to Rostock. My God, it has been so so good :D

Wonderful travel moments thanks to #Balticdiscovery.

Wonderful travel moments thanks to #Balticdiscovery.

Teaching each other expressions & inspiration from Denmark to Italy and Austria to Spain, I believe all of us have taken a lot from the #Balticdiscovery. THANK YOU SO MUCH, TERESA TRABERT, for organizing our every wish and a wonderful program that set standards in terms of professionalism and quality of the experience. I can definitely recommend anybody interested in exploring an alternative to the standard tourism clichés of the Baltic Sea Coast to come and experience the Young Kreativsaison with its amazing creative offers. From Cafe Glücklich to meeting inspiring Paetrick Schmidt, Andreas & Antje at Herrenhaus Büttelkow or creating our own Hanseatic Textile Pins with charming „nähmarie“, we have been so inspired by our travels at the Baltic Sea that it is hard to express in words.

So Here, I would like to share with you my „cinematic“ #Balticdiscovery travel experience using this happy trailer movie highlighting the whole trip team and our experiences. There are so many more photos and heartfelt moments I have been expressing on my own blog,, on Flickr, Facebook & Instagram so I would simply like to invite you to surf by and check them out!

For now, sit back, watch & relax as I take you to experience a glimpse of #Balticdiscovery at the Kreativsaison Mecklenburg: An Experience I shall never forget. LOVE IT :)


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  1. Haha :) Schöne Grüße, liebe Teresa !!! Und genießt das lange #Balticdiscovery-Video hier:

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