A Spaniard Adventure in the Baltic Sea

Hello there Baltic team,

My name is Maximo but people call me Max. I was born in Cadiz, a little gem from Southern Spain. I studied Journalism at Seville. Later, I came to Bournemouth (UK) to learn English and study a couple of Masters such as Business & Marketing and Multimedia Journalism. I just speak Spanish and English and a few words in German.

In these 6 years, I have been travelling a lot around the world. Travelling is my drug; I love visiting new places and get lost in a new culture and environment. My video camera and reflex camera always travel with me in “first class” and they are my treasure. My dream job is work for National Geographic or for a Holiday Maker company as travel video producer.

I am looking forward to my second visit to Germany. The first one was 8 years ago, when I went to visit my Spanish friend who was doing an Erasmus  in the small city of Tubingen.  For one week, my friend organized few trips to Munich, Stuttgart and Heidelberg. I was taken aback by German logistic transport, especially buses.  Buses were very punctual and efficient while in other countries that have been they are unreliable. Of course, I enjoyed the Stuttgart Beer Festival and it was difficult to cope with the drinking rhythm imposed by the locals.

From the 26 red points marked in our schedule plan, there are two that I fancy the most: the Filmbüro MV, where we will meet the young German media movie makers, it can be an interesting meeting to exchange ideas about new techniques and software´s that they use to make their videos; The Watchtower Künlungsborn triggers my attention because of two things: it has sea views and I love to be located in high monuments because I am not scare of heights.

There also is an exciting activity on the list that I have never done. I am talking about a Spa in the luxurious hotel Upstalsboom. I don´t take into consideration such a nice treatments because I only needshower and a bed as I am always out exploring when I am travelling. But in this trip is going to be an exception because is everything planned for us, so I can tick off spa from my bucket list.

It seems like we are not going to cook because everything is scheduled, but it would be a good idea if we can use a kitchen in one of the places and cook our signature dishes as a way to interchange our culinary traditions at least once. I could make a paella or Spanish omelet for example. I am a little bit worry about eating times, as you know Spaniards; we have dinner at 21 or 22pm, so the idea to eat at 18pm is not my cup of tea. However, I will adapt because I won´t have other choice…By the way, I am looking forward to having a 1l beer by the sea and say Prost.

Danke Guys



Über Maximo Perez

Travel writer & Video Producer focusing on creative tourism & photography.

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  1. Good thing that you are coming early on Friday, more time to have a look at the Filmbüro :)

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