Hi, I’m Juli Zucker, best regards.

Juli Zucker studies creative writing and culture journalism in Hildesheim. She worked for newspapers, published a book, organised readings and founded an enterprise (Kumpelfotografie). In the train-interview she reveals what she expects from #balticdiscovery, why she doesn’t like “Sahnefisch” and why she would prefer to live in Rom.




How old are you?

22. I’m born in the year of the horse.

We’re traveling to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern soon.


Do you have any idea what may expect us there?

No. But when people ask me, I answer that sometimes we sleep in a castle, sometimes on a couchsurfer’s sofa. I hope, it will be like that. Except the couchsurfer’s sofa. I even hope, that we don’t cycle very often.

Tell me, why you have decided to apply for this project.

I apply for every job. Relating to this project, I applied because you told me about it and I was happy to tell you with a heart full of pleasure, that we’re going to do this project together. You’re answer was: I am so glad, now I don’t have to fear anymore.

Do you think this project will be useful for your work?

Yes, even if I don’t want to deal with journalism at the moment.

For what reason?

I worked for some newspapers and I am really not interested in being a journalist anymore. Concentrating in writing more literally than jounalistic will save me (and hide my bad english).

You have been in Ostfriesland and in Palma de Mallorca to work for newspapers. In my opinion, you are the island-journalist of Hildesheim.

Of the whole world, not just of Hildesheim.

Do you think, it will be a big change for you to work on the mainland?

Working on a continent will be a hard nut to crack. Needless to say, that my challenge on this tour is to find out, how journalism works on a continent.

Even four other „travel journalists“ will join this project. How should they be that everything is working fine for you? What should they never do?

Nobody should chew with open mouth, but be friendly and know nice jokes. Sometimes we should make party. Nobody should confront me with cotton, I hate cotton wool. And I am frightening that there are many meals with lactose.

Latelyyou’ve been in Poland. There was Sahnefisch. It’s fish with cream. Does it taste like it sounds?

Exactly. The 80-year-old woman I lived with wanted me to have Sahnefisch as a dinner. We couldn’t talk because she just spoke polish. She showed me the fish and I did the international sign for beastliness: I wrinkled my nose. Then I ate it because of politeness.

Sahnefisch sounds great, I think. What was the side dish?

Bread. We dunk it with power in the Sahnefisch.

What kind of fish was it?

Sahnefisch. I don’t know the difference between fish. Fishes are all the same. There’s just one fish.

You’ve been here in Hildesheim for about 2,5 years now and you’ll be done with your studies soon. Did it pay off?

I mainly learned social things, how to behave with each other and things like that, but also how intruges work and how to be a part in a team. I am not a good team worker. Well, and writing-school-things.

You tried many things in the last years – from writing drama and prosa to composing articles, publishing a book, being an issuer and working for a festival. Can you say that you decided for something? What will you be doing in about five years?

Loving too many things at the same time is my problem. I pinned a post-up on your wall with all of my job wishes. At the moment, I am a diplomated clown, one of the unknown kind of unpublished authors, who call themselves authors, even if they don’t have any kind of success – we have much of them in Hildesheim – and your lector. My wish to be estate agent turned into being an agent for literature. In about five years, I am going to live in a warm land.

Would you say, Hildesheim is your “home” at the moment?

Yes, I am living there, but I don’t want to become a grandmother there.

Why not?

There are many other cities you can live in. Pursuing the thesis that most of the inhabitants in Hildesheim are black-hearted, I will have no problem to leave the city soon.

Where do you want to live?

It doesn’t matter where, I just want it to be warm there. This is why I prefer southern cities. I have a big problem with coldness. Palma de Mallorca would be great. Or Rome.

When have you been to Rom?

My father and his family took me to a “roadtrip” trough Italy, when I was about ten, maybe eleven years old. I just remember that some guy, disguised like a romain, stood in front of the Colosseum and said “hey barbie”, because I was really really thin and had long, blond hair.

What was your best trip?

Our trip to the Leipziger Buchmesse was great. We had much fun, but nevertheless did some serious things like presenting our anthology there and organising readings for the authors.

Three words about those coming days in Meckpomm?

1. Kumpelfotografie, the enterprise I founded. Photographing people with single-use-cameras. But not just any people. First rule is, that they have to be Kumpels. In the days in Meckpomm, Kumpelfotografie will expand for the first time. 2. Red bricks. I grew up in the south of Germany and so I associate northern cities always as health resort with red bricks. 3. I don’t know any cool third word right now. Scarf? The north might be windy.

Thank you for the interview.

Thank you for the questions.

Interviewer: Andreas Thamm, Philipp Müller und Juli Zucker


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  1. Looking forward to the results of Mecklenburgian Kumpelfotografie :)

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