A tiny, banana-loving piece of human

A tiny banana-loving piece of human


As I am, like most of us, not too comfortable about writing about myself, I asked my good friend Juli Zucker, who is also going to travel with us, to do so. We had a little chat, I answered some questions, now here’s the result. Quite fitting.

When Andreas got the mail from #balticdiscovery, he thought, these were exactly the two things he’s interested in: writing and looking at things he doesn’t know yet. Even though he remembers himself and his father throwing jellyfishes at each other at Usedom when he was a child, he just has a small conception of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: Andreas has never seen Wismar, but thinks it might be just a normal, lovely city, with “houses, beautiful and ugly like in each other city – and maybe some kind of small surprise for us”. Rostock is unfortunately connected with “bad nazi-football-associations” and the only showplace he knows is Ostsee. So – why is he even interested in this project? Well, at the moment, Andreas studies creative writing and culture journalism in Hildesheim and wants to become some kind of “culture journalist”. Every experience, good or bad, is worth it: “Let’s see what happens”.

For his trip to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Andreas takes three things with him: a so-called “pepsi-shirt” for his cool look, diverse ibuprofentopfen for being okay after having just a small sleep and some funny hat. What he expects from #balticdiscovery are pancakes, toast and eggs for breakfast and being more than just an ad writer for tourism – and if he had the decision to stay at the camping place or sleep in some kind of hotel, he would take the hotel because he’s afraid of the employees, dressed as bears to entertain children. If Andreas could establish three rules for the stay, he would tell: 1. no waking up before 9.30, 2. no weapons, 3. don’t play with food. And seriously, you should not play with food, especially not with bananas, in front of him, because: Andreas loves little things and shopping. When we went together to do our  grocery shopping, he fell in love with this tiny little bananas. My English is not good enough to describe, how sweet this was, watching Andreas sitting in the car and eating his banana carefully.

As one of Andreas‘ team members in publishing a book, I should tell that there are many things that upset him and if you don’t want to be killed, you should not make him angry (for example: telling him that you are vegan because he loves meat and he cannot understand how somebody can not – excluding his girlfriend). Being killed by Andreas, this little young tiny piece of human who loves baby-bananas? You wouldn’t think that’s possible. But when once a year Andreas gets angry, you should really hide your children. Nevertheless exactly this anger is what will guide us from all the fears and dangers in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, because Andreas possesses hard skills: A few weeks ago he had nothing to eat in his house and so he “opened a disgusting kartoffeltopf (see: http://shop.edeka24.de/out/pictures/generated/product/1/305_305_90/1port_kartoffeltopf_300_p1.jpg) with bacon and sausage” not just with a can opener, but with a knife “like a hunter”, Andreas said. So, if our #balticdiscovery team would be captured in the woods, Andreas would absolutely save us. There is just one thing, he could not manage: When I asked Andreas what he would do if all the members of #balticdiscovery would turn into zombies except him, he answered: “Run away, zombies are not very fast, I think. I would call the police, return to Hildesheim while hoping that the problem resolves by itself.”

Andreas told me that his letter of motivation, in which he is described as some open-minded and nature-loving guy, was so convincing, that every project would have engaged him. At the moment he works for different newspapers in Lichtenfels, Hildesheim or Bayreuth or writes bookcritics for literaturkritik.de. For #balticdiscovery, you, sweet reader, may look forward to funny “live dialogues” and reportages on some blogs. But read carefully: Andreas prefers a kind of reportage that links truth and lie. You’ll never know, what to believe. Apart from all the joking: At this point Andreas seems most excited about getting to know this part of Germany, the people, the culture and to produce his take on journalism and literature about it.                                                                                                       Juli Zucker

andreas thamm #balticdiscovery kreativsaison


Über andreasthamm

Basis: München Auftraggeber: www.derderm.wordpress.com literaturkritik.de

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  1. Unfortunately rule 1 will not be possible ;) Breakfast at 9:30, that IS possible :)
    Great article, Juli!

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