My Mecklenburgian adventure

Emilie Lukman Nielsen #balticdiscovery kreativsaison

In spite of sharing coastal borders with Denmark, the state of Mecklenburg is still an unexplored area for me. This, however is about to change from as of next week. Joining the #Balticdiscovery-team on a 5 day roundtrip of Mecklenburg, is my entrance to get a better impression of a region, which in proximity is very close to my home country, but in history, culture and nature hopefully has a lot of new impressions to offer.

With a background in anthropology, the possibility of being introduced to an area by its ‚locals‘ and shown the hidden treasures and unique spots of a city, is an opportunity too good to miss. So when I was accepted on this international team of young travel journalists, my inner anthropologist was of course very pleased. I am currently studying a master in Media, Globalisation and Journalism, and so, the possibility of combining my two interests of anthropology and writing was, of course, a dream scenario for my part.

Friday the 3rd of May is the official beginning of my Mecklenburgian adventure. And preparing myself, I have been looking into the details of the region. In spite of being under Danish rule in a short period of time (1185-1223), I found some fun facts, that I figured could be helpful in my exploration and understanding of Mecklenburg’s cities and its people.

Firstly, Wismar, the city in which we start off, has the largest market square in all of Germany (10,000 square meters). On this very market square we can expect to find a renowned water pump built in the 16th century in Dutch Renaissance style. There will of course be an update later, on the visual appearance and historical aspects of this infamous water pump. If I manage to find it.

Secondly, the smallest state capital of Germany, Schwerin, can be found in Mecklenburg. Schwerin, also known as the city of seven lakes, is apparently famous for the annual ‚Open Air Opera Festival‘, which rates among the top 3 opera festivals in Europe. That, I believe, is something that makes a small state capital stand out from the crowd.

Thirdly, I discovered that Mecklenburg even has its own motto. On the State Signet, is written the phrase: ‚Mv – tut gut‘ (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern – Does a world of good). This refers to different fields of social life – from the economy to politics and on to art and culture. Hopefully, I will get experiences that confirm the region’s ability to do a world of good. Very promising slogan.

Having said this, the internet-accessible knowledge can only get me so far. So next stop: Real Mecklenburg adventures in the company of #Balticdiscovery!

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Emilie Lukman Nielsen #balticdiscovery kreativsaison


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