3 Visits in 13 Months: „Creativelena“ and the Baltic Sea – A Travel Blogging Love Affair!

When I first heard of this year’s call for application to join an intercultural travel writer’s team at the Baltic Sea in the north of Germany, I was reading the news on Twitter while still publishing my excitement about Mendoza Wine Festival in Argentina. Having visited the Baltic Sea in Germany two times in 2012 both for business and pleasure, I immediately knew the answer to the following question: „Wouldn’t this be something you are interested in?“

Honestly, there is nothing I could be MORE interested in !! Creative travel writing? Meeting a bunch of talented young writers, bloggers & photographers from all over Europe in oder to spend an intercultural holiday hosted by a creative destination such as the KREATIVSAISON MECKLENBURG – and close to the SEA ?? (the concept of „travelling to the sea“ always gets us landlocked Austrians going, anyway ;-)

Oh life. Throw a breeze of happiness our way …

Elena Paschinger Nielsen #balticdiscovery kreativsaison

Visiting the Baltic Sea in September 2012: Read more about it on my travel blog about Germany.

#Balticdiscovery: 5 Top Reasons Explaining Why Being On Board Means Heaven On Earth

  • I LOVE writing. Languages. Speak four of them, read and understand at least five more. Words are my playground, as has been photography, especially during recent years. I just love being able to travel the world and settling into everyday life with the local people – a way of travelling I prefer over everything else. Except for …
  • Creative Travelling. „Kreativ Reisen“. Having been a „creative traveller“ for at least five years since my early beginnings developing Creative Tourism New Zealand, I am addicted to exploring (foreign) cultures „the creative way“. How come Maori are so talented in carving bone and Paua shells? Let them teach you how to do it. Why is it that the Peruvian national drink Pisco Sour tastes just so good? Go learn to mix it on your own. And what on Earth do East Germans call the „Kreativsaison“ in Mecklenburg? We are set to find that one out soon ! :)
  • Matchmaking Travel Writing & Creative Travelling = www.creativelena.com ! My „blogging baby“ has received a lot of attention recently, being fed almost 200 articles in two languages for the past six months since I started publishing in early autumn of 2012, and growing. And one of the first articles I EVER WROTE was about my very own BALTIC DISCOVERY: http://www.creativelena.com/en/travel-blog/the-young-people-and-the-sea
  • Learning from & being able to assist each other: Italy, Denmark, Sweden, England, Germany and Austria I would say it’s quite a spicy mix. Daniela, Emilie, Andreas, Juli & Maximo I am very glad to meet you soon and hear your ideas about travel writing, creativity and life & work in general. This is going to be awesome !!
  • Creative Tourism Development: As an international tourism management graduate, I can’t help but look at travel destinations, products & innovative offerings such as #balticdiscovery from a (curious) professional’s point of view: How is the network being funded? What is the principal communication strategy? What are the goals of the „Kreativsaison Mecklenburg“, and how is the organisation / how are we all working to achieve them together?

Love it. Can’t wait to come and see for myself once more, on my third visit in thirteen months to the Baltic Sea Coast – my very own love affair indeed.

Thank you, Kreativsaison Mecklenburg !! :D

Elena Paschinger Nielsen #balticdiscovery kreativsaison

See you soon – for #balticdiscovery!


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  3. Ich freue mich auch schon soooo sehr :D Das wird bestimmt super aufregend !!!

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