An Italian and the Baltic sea

Berlin in June 2011

Berlin in June 2011

Only two weeks divide me from my trip through the Mecklenburg region, when my  last and only trip to Germany has been two years ago, to the cliché-obvious choice of Berlin.
Again, I have the occasion to visit the lively center of Europe, but still in the last couple of years my German vocabulary is composed just by danke, bitte and kartoffell.

The image of Germany by Italians surely involves histories of migrations, the capital city Berlin, recollected memories of the fall of Berlin Wall, the October fest, the Dark Forest, hardworking people and trains that arrive on time. But no Italian – and me as a first person – will have in mind, after seeing waves of German tourists in the Italian coasts, that Germany actually has access to the sea, and therefore, there are beaches. This could come as a good and a bad news. The bad news is that people could have lost the chance to visit a really great place, just because they completely forgot about it, or that simply are bad in geography. The good news instead is that the Mecklenburg area has not been overcrowded with tourists and therefore , it has been able to keep intact and safe for a longer period both places, venues, tradition that can be lost when you become a mainstream or safe choice.

There are always great privileges and luck of visiting small and mediums towns. Of course, big center as Berlin offers a lot of insight in the cultural and historical field. But cities, towns and their citizens always protect, preserve and keep alive traditions, memories, uncontaminated locations and everyday life stories. This is my main expectation from my trip to the Baltic area of Germany: getting in contact with locals to glean and familiarize with tradition of the place, histories behind cultural locations and as well be amazed by the natural beauty of the region.

Our “to-do-trip-list”  will be pretty hectic and it will make me, and the rest of the crew, visit a lot of different places. For now, my top three lists of “Baltic Must Have”sees:
The Baltic Sea:  when I travel close to the seaside, I had the need to go to the beach and literally touch the sea.Through the years, I have checklisted different seas  (the Mediterranean, North sea, Pacific ocean), and while being in Kühlungsborn, I would love to experience the Baltic waters and add it to my personal seas collection.

The Ghost Forest: as I have been always fascinated by nature, woods and plants and because the name of this forest  has such  mysterious connotation that fill up my fantasy and curiosity

Rostock cultural scene: as we will have the chance to talk with youngsters of the region and get involved in the musical and cultural activities and underground scene.

As well I remember to have read the word “cake” somewhere, I suppose it was not only my imagination.


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  1. Dear Daniela,

    Thank you for this contribution. I really look forward to meeting you soon at the Baltic Sea !!

    Best wishes from sunny Austria,


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