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Discover Mecklenburg in an intercultural team.

Work on your writing & Social Media skills.

Reflect the reality of journalism in todays intertwined society.

Enjoy a diverse & creative programme without having to pay for it.


By organising an intercultural press trip from May 3rd until May 8th 2013 we not only want to make the Baltic Sea more attractive for young people but we also encourage and support young journalists who want to reflect their work field in todays society together with peers from other European countries. You will work on both writing and important social media skills. The group of up to six journalists interested in tourism, culture, and photography is going to discover Mecklenburg in four days.

Creativity  |  Adventure  |  Nature  |  Culture  |  City  |  Architecture  

Each participant has the task to write a social media/blog travel diary and one article about Kreativsaison for a newspaper/magazine of the home country which can either focus on the travel report or on socio-cultural aspects of the experience. You just need to get a letter of interest of an editorial office. We give you a little hint: try to get an extra bonus out of your article. Maybe the editorial department wants to sponsor your travel expenses to Mecklenburg?

What we “need”:
We are looking for one motivated journalist from each country who will take part in an intercultural group exploration with a diverse and creative programme on the German Baltic coast consisting of creative workshops, history, nature, wellness, arts and crafts, architecture, cultural heritage, and culinary art. The programme will be arranged together with young local people to guarantee as much diversity, creativity, fun, and experiences as possible.

Send us your application with your motivation letter (not more than 2500 characters), CV (1-2 pages), and sample texts/articles (1 page) to The application deadline is March 20, 2013 (plus 2 more days! new deadline: March 22, 2013).

World Cultural Heritage  |  History  |  Photography  |  Wellness

What we offer:

You will not only learn and experience new things but also have an unforgettable time in an intercultural team! Board, lodge, local transport, and the programme are covered by the organisers. Only the travel arrangements to the destination are in charge of the participants. And the places you will be accommodated at are just as diverse as the programme: from a wellness hotel to a manor house to a fun Couchsurfing experience, we have it all! 

Have a look on our Tripline map to get some first impressions of the trip (as for now, this is really just a draft). We are trying to collect as many and as different creative ideas on what to experience in Mecklenburg from local artists, students, and everyone else who has something to say. Share your input with us :)

Networking  |  Music  |  Social Media  |  Travel Blogging  

Could we  not answer all your questions? Just contact us on Facebook, Email us or call 0049 (0)171 31 57 238.

Over and Out. Teresa.

Just very few impressions, be excited about what is going to expect you!


being creative…



Harbortour – the „Georg Büchner“ used to be a hostel


                               being active, meeting people, enjoying nature…


And some nightlife of course!    IMG_2899

Wismar market place…IMG_2756


Accommodated at an old manor house…


drinking coffee in cute little cafés … IMG_2826 IMG_2858

People think streets in Rostock are dark!!? IMG_3573

taking a ride with the historical Molli…


walking through the „ghost forest“…


some history…

and more cute cafés…


brick gothic…


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  4. corrion

    I’m really interessted with the project. But I am french… Can I apply?

    • Hi,
      thank you for your comment and your interest in the press trip.
      It is not primarily important that the participants are from these countries. What is more important to us is the newspaper or magazine the young journalist will write an article for. Just send us your application for #balticdiscovery either on Facebook or by Mail (
      Teresa and the Kreativsaison-Team

      • Dear Corrion,
        as a little reminder we want to inform you that the application deadline for the presstrip #balticdiscovery is coming closer.
        If you are still interested in exploring the German Baltic Coast in a young and intercultural team you can send us your application until the 20th of March :)
        Best wishes and a nice weekend,
        Teresa & the Kreativsaison-Team

  5. Klingt fantastisch – ich melde mich gleich mal an :D

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